This is a committee that works with the Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department and they act as an advisory group that reports to the Board.

This committee was formed in 2012 after a property owner special meeting was held on September 27, 2012 with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and the Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department for the purpose of management of the Friendship Lake District Lake Management Plan and Harvesting Management Plan. It is a recognized Lake District group under our By-laws.

Chapter 92 of Wisconsin State Statutes established the Adams County land and Water Conservation Committee (LWCC) and the Adams County Land and Water Conservation Department (LWCD). The LWCC and LWCD have the responsibility of conserving long-term soil productivity, protecting the quality of related natural resources, enhancing water quality and focusing on severe soil erosion problems.

The Friendship Lake District Protection and Rehabilitation District was formed in 1992 to monitor lake water quality and implement best management practices to maintain and improve lake water quality and quantity on Friendship Lake. The Lake Advisory Group (LAG) was formed in 2012 to manage our Lake Management Plan and any updates to this Plan.

To achieve the purposes of the Friendship Lake District, Adams County LWCC/LWCD, WDNR a Lake Management Plan was developed. The plan is comprehensive and revisions will occur on a regular basis to reflect current events and priorities. The Friendship Lake District will gather public input at its annual fall meeting. The Friendship Lake District will notify all members of the district and public of the meeting. The Friendship Lake District will develop a method to accept written comments from the members and the public who cannot attend. The plan will use best management practices, education, and regulations to improve he natural resources. The plan will incorporate human conveniences in a manner that does not compromise the quality and quantity of the natural resources. All ordinances, policies, and activities associated with the State, County, and Town must receive approval from proper authorities.

The Plan consists of goals and action items to address natural resource issues and activities for a five- year period. As one year passes, another year will be added to the plan so the plan will always reflect a five-year period. Scientific studies, community residents, and the general public were inventoried to determine the goals of the plan. A lake Advisory Group (LAG) was formed to identify action items, write the rough draft of the Lake Management Plan, and in the future assist the Friendship Lake District with updates and revisions. The LAG consists of WDNR specialists, lake residents, District Board Representatives, and Adams LWCD.

Once the LAG was formed on Friendship Lake an updated draft was written, and LAG members disseminated the plan and received feedback. LAG members met after receiving the feedback and incorporated this feedback as allowable into the updated Friendship Lake District Management Plan.
Lake Advisory Group
​Greg Weiss is the chairman of this committee.
Lake Management Document