Meeting Summary
Friendship Wisconsin
June 6, 2017

1. Call meeting to order: The meeting was called to order by Bob Berry at 5:32 pm at the Adams County Community Center. In attendance were commissioners Linda Moonan, Karen Pokorny, Deborah Parr and Lee Parlow. Thirteen Lake District members were in attendance.  

2. Review and Approval of minutes from the May 2, 2017 Commissioners Meeting, the May 27, 2017 Special Meeting, and the May 27, 2017 Special Commissioners Meeting:  

The minutes from the meeting of May 2, 2017, were reviewed. A motion was made by Linda Moonan to approve the minutes and seconded by Debra Parr. The motion carried unanimously.

The minutes from the special meeting of property owners May 27, 2017, were reviewed. A motion was made by Lee Parlow to approve the minutes and seconded by Linda Moonan. The motion carried unanimously.

The minutes from the special Commissioners Board meeting May 27, 2017 were reviewed. A motion was made by Linda Moonan to approve the minutes and seconded by Deborah Parr. The motion carried unanimously.

3. Review and Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Linda Moonan distributed a copy of the treasurer’s report with balances as of June 6, 2017. Linda reported the balances total $84,967.62. Our Money Market account is $64,287.00, the NOW checking account is $4,143.86 and the CD balance is $16, 636.76.

Linda stated that since the last treasurers report our insurance premium was paid in the amount of $2,789.00; Compass Land Consultants was paid $15,000.00 for the appraisal; Axley Brynelson received $2,305.00 for legal fees, and other payments of $172.62 were paid out for postage, printing costs for the May 27, 2017 special meeting, as well as for office supplies. Linda said that $4000.00 was also transferred to the checking account for the current balance of $4,143.86.

Linda reported that the remaining balance from the $50,000.00 Condemnation allocated amount is $20,355.00. Axley Brynelson has indicated that the “not to exceed” balance will be between a low cost amount of $5,300.00 to a high cost of $10,250.00, depending on what legal actions are needed as this claim moves forward. If that estimate is realized we will have a net balance left from the $50k allocated Condemnation amount.

Linda also reported an update to the budget spreadsheet handed out to the commissioners. The Village of Friendship has forwarded the balance owed for the 2014 past due account. Apparently a landowner’s estate has been settled.

Linda shared a very unusual activity. She received a number of strange emails supposedly from Bob Berry requesting a transfer of $2,500 to pay a bill immediately. Linda was very skeptical and called Karen Pokorny who also reviewed these strange email requests. Karen could see that Bob was mowing his lawn and not in a meeting and certainly not demanding a transfer of money. Linda and Karen met with Bob and made note that he did not send these and was indeed at home doing his yard work. Linda did contact Google and reported the bogus emails. Copies were also sent to our attorney for record, and our bank was called reporting this activity. Deborah Parr recommended that Linda contact the Police Department making sure they are aware of this activity.

Linda stated she does no on-line banking with our Lake District accounts. There are no electronic payments or transfers. We pay a lower insurance premium because there is no on-line banking. Karen Pokorny made a motion to approve the Treasurers report and was seconded by Lee Parlow. The motion carried unanimously.

4. Citizen Input: No information shared.

5. Friendship Lake Dam Update: Bob Berry summarized the May 27, 2017 Special meeting and the decision by the property owners with a vote of 82 to 2 to go forward with Condemnation of the Friendship Lake Dam.

Karen reported that she received an email from Attorney Michael Hahn stating that Mr. Charles Pheiffer was served with the Relocation Order for Condemnation of the Friendship Lake Dam on June 1, 2017. Mr. Pheiffer has 60 days from that date or till July 31, 2017 to obtain a second appraisal at the cost of our district. Mr. Hahn said he would notify the board of any new information when available.  

A question was asked if the board was informed if Mr. Pheiffer has an attorney representing him. Bob said that the board has not been notified of a new attorney, a letter was received last fall from Attorney Mr. McFarlin stating he would no longer be representing Mr. Pheiffer and that we should contact Mr. Pheiffer directly with regard to any legal correspondence.

6. Report on Lake Alliance Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday June 10, 2017. Bob will share any new information at our July board meeting.

7. Reports from Property Owner Committees: Pat Kierstyn discussed updating the brochures created and handed out regarding the Save Friendship Lake campaign.  
It was decided to address updating the information after we have confirmation of the Condemnation claim. Tina Meinen developed the brochures and Karen Pokorny will talk to her about helping out with that again in the future.

8. Reports from Friends of Friendship Lake: Linda Graf stated that the Friends of Friendship Lake along with the Adams Friendship Historical Society will be sponsoring a float in the 4th of July Parade. Pat Kierstyn and the Historical Society have graciously allowed us to use a small stainless steel antique boat manufactured in Adams Friendship by the Regal Boat Company. Dennis Rude has volunteered to pull the float with his 1946 Chevy Truck. Bob Berry has volunteered the use of his trailer to assemble the float. The Friends will supply decorations and candy. Volunteers are needed with moving the boat to Bob’s house on July 1, 2017. The decorating will be done on the afternoon of July 2, 2017, also at Bob Berry’s. We will also need volunteers to walk the parade with our float and hand out candy. This information will be posted on the website.  

Karen Pokorny reported that she recently spoke with Scott Sorenson, coordinating the parade for the AF VFW. He was happy to hear about our float. He said that we would qualify for a 30 second commentary at the reviewing stand. Pat Kierstyn stated will take care of creating a description of our boat and the float for that purpose.  

Pat Kierstyn had a request. She has always wanted to film or have pictures taken of the parade from the perspective of riding in the parade on a float. Apparently there are archived pictures of this at the historical society dating back through the years. Bob Berry will assist with that and thought that was a great idea. He has a Go Pro camera that could be used to film the parade route.  

9. Any Unfinished Business: Bob Berry reported that the 4th of July Fireworks are scheduled for Sunday July 2nd with a rain date of Monday July 3rd.

Linda Graf wondered if we should use the allocated money to have the ramp completed. She suggested that since the water level is so low wouldn’t it be a good time to finish this project. Linda Moonan said that she remembers that the water level does matter in the building of the ramp. Bob said that since the permit to build the ramp is due to expire this year he is in agreement it would be a good time to have this completed. Bob will research this with Mike Weir, as he would be one of the contractors bidding on this project. He has built most of the boat ramps in the county area.  

Again questions were brought up about the lake levels, harvesting weeds, and the DNR. Bob explained that the district would address these concerns as soon as the Condemnation claim is resolved.

10. Any New Business: Discussion of Contacting Town of Preston, Village of Friendship, possibly town of Adams and Adams County for money to help pay towards the $15,000.00 invoice for the recent appraisal of the Friendship Lake Dam:

Linda Moonan stated that both the Town of Preston and the Village of Friendship have previously approved in their budgets allocation of up to $3000.00 each towards the cost of an appraisal of the Friendship Lake Dam. Linda is writing to each of those districts and sending a copy of our paid invoice to collect on those promises. She does know that the Town of Adams and Adams County has stated they have no money in their budgets to contribute. Linda will also send a letter out to the Town of Adams. Deborah Parr stated that Adams County Budget is set for the year. There would be no money available towards this cost. She did state we could ask for consideration of this in next year’s budget.  

11. Set the next meeting date: (Tuesday July 11, 2017) At the Adams County Community Center at 5:30pm

The meeting is scheduled one week later due to the 4th of July Holiday.

12. Adjournment: Karen Pokorny made a motioned to adjourn and seconded by Linda Moonan.

Respectfully Submitted By,
Commissioner Karen Pokorny, Secretary
June 30, 2017