Treasurer Responsibilities

Prepare the financial report every month so the board members have an overview of income and balances. Receive all money belonging or accruing to the District. Deposit upon receipt of the funds of the District into the Money Market account. Pay all District bills received in a timely manner after transferring from Money Market Checking account for payment. Keep accurate and detailed records. Prepare Special Charge detail and forward Tax Levy Certification for the Friendship Lake District to Town of Adams, Township of Preston and Village of Friendship once a year. Attend all board meetings as scheduled.

If you are interested, please contact a board member.  Click here for contact information.
A position will be open this fall. State statute mandates that a Lake District property owner must fill the elected position. This is a requirement to continue as a formal Lake District, and it also is a requirement in our Lake District by-laws. We need a volunteer to run for the open position on the board this fall.

This position does not require that the member be a full-time resident, however they must be able to attend monthly board meetings either in person or by phone conference.

Each commissioner serves a three year term. Every year one of the three elected board members has fulfilled their three year term and they can either agree to run again, or not.
 The current treasurer is willing to work with the next commissioner to have a successful transition. 

Additionally, we have retained the certified public accountant to oversee when necessary any questions or concerns by the treasurer and the board. 
This position also includes a lap top computer provided for Lake District financial purposes and correspondence.