Meeting Summary
Annual Friendship Lake District Meeting
September 3, 2016

On Saturday September 3, 2016, the Annual Friendship Lake District meeting was held at the Adams Friendship Community Center. We had a record attendance of 104 Friendship Lake District members, including the Lake District Board, Bob Berry, Chairman, Linda Moonan, Treasurer, and Larry Swaziek, Secretary. Representatives from Adams County, Village of Friendship, Town of Adams, and the Town of Preston were also present.

The main discussion at the Fall Annual Meeting revolved around the possible purchase of the Friendship Dam.

On June 13, 2016 the Friendship Lake District entered into contract with Axley Brynelson LLP to represent the District in negotiation with Mr. Pfeiffer through his attorney, Dennis McFarlin. Attorneys Don Murn and Michael Hahn represent the District.

After a review of the treasurer’s report and budget proposal, Attorney Michael Hahn presented a memorandum detailing the process to acquire the Friendship Dam through condemnation, or eminent domain. The steps involved with this process were explained in detail covering the certified full narrative appraisal and the needed engineering study. 

He stated that a fixed fee would be submitted to the board before any action was taken. The condemnation action is being pursued after two failed attempts to come to an agreement with Mr. Pfeiffer.  

Many members spoke freely at the podium about their concerns, and asked questions or offered suggestions. Mr. Pfeiffer was present, and at one point a member asked pointedly what Chuck Pfeiffer would accept. He gave a firm $ 1.2 million dollar response.  

Subsequently a motion was made to move forward with condemnation with a maximum spending limit of $50,000.00. The motion passed by a count of 77 to 9.  

We will continue to keep you informed with information as the process moves forward. Mr. Hahn did state that once the action begins.  

Linda Graf with the Friends of Friendship Lake reported on group activities and fundraisers during the year and presented the District with a check for $500.00 to be applied to legal fee costs. 
Karen Pokorny was elected to fill the vacant commissioner position as Larry Swiezek’s 3-year term ended.  

Karen Pokorny
Friendship Lake District