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 Our Mission 
We are a non-profit district working to preserve and protect our water body by partnering with our community leaders to promote a clean, and healthy environment for all citizens by using education along with proven water management practices to improve our water resource. 

 Our Vision 
Our vision is for a community where our residents and general public benefit from the human conveniences that we have incorporated to ensure that Friendship Lake is not compromised in quality or quantity as a valued water resource. Our vision is a community that regularly uses, enjoys, and assists in conservation efforts to keep and maintain this lake for future generations. 
Did you know that if you cannot make the board meeting in person, you can call into the meeting and hear what is going on? If you are interested in finding out how to do this, please email Tina Meinen at and I will walk you through the set up process.  
What's going on with the Dam?

DAM UPDATE: Friendship Lake Dam repairs are close to completion. Staab Construction has completed the major repairs to the powerhouse and the embankment. Still to be completed by Staab is placement of safety fencing, railings, and iron platform. Dave Miller has completed the tuckpointing on the powerhouse. Ernesto Rodriguez from ER Roofing is working on the repairs and replacement of the roof. 

Click here for pictures of the repairs as they happened.
Friendship Lake Fish Update!

DNR stocked close to 6400 largemouth bass, these are fingerlings so 3-4". About 600 northern pike were stocked, average size of 8". This stocking was for managing for a low density situation. The crappie and bluegill that the DNR stock are very small, average size of 1-2". Survival will be low, they will mainly be forage for the bass. The number of bluegill will  stocked by DNR are unknown. Bluegill come from the federal hatchery, Genoa, and how many we get depends on their surplus. If there is surplus, the hatchery stocked them on Friday September 27th.

 For sure DNR will do a spring fish survey. The survey will take place when water temperature is above 65F, when bass and bluegill are spawning. Electrofishing is their technique for assessing bass and bluegill populations. The survey takes place at night, and we electrofish the entire shoreline. The gear is really only effective up to depths of 5ft. They use standardized protocols. Relative abundance is the number of fish per mile that they catch, they can compare the catch rate to other lakes like Friendship to see of we are on par. They can also look at past survey data from 2012 to see how things compare. We take lengths on all fish and a subsample we weigh and collect structures to estimate age to evaluate growth and body condition. Information will help us determine future stocking needs. 

 Based on some catch and release fishing reports and observations of others, it sounds like a lot of fish remained in the lake. There was a good pool for most of the project duration. I look forward to the fish survey.What's going to happen to our fish during the draw down?  

Harvester Boat Ramp Construction 
​T & L Excavation, Todd Dolata, completed the harvester ramp.  That project has been paid for out of the money market account.
Our next regular scheduled board meeting is for Tuesday January 7, 2020, at 5:30pm at the Community Center