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 Our Mission 
We are a non-profit district working to preserve and protect our water body by partnering with our community leaders to promote a clean, and healthy environment for all citizens by using education along with proven water management practices to improve our water resource. 

 Our Vision 
Our vision is for a community where our residents and general public benefit from the human conveniences that we have incorporated to ensure that Friendship Lake is not compromised in quality or quantity as a valued water resource. Our vision is a community that regularly uses, enjoys, and assists in conservation efforts to keep and maintain this lake for future generations. 
Please remember to save your AF County Market Receipts.  We are part of their payback program.  Place your receipts in an envelope and drop them into the mailbox located at the Friendship Lake Dam Powerhouse.  Darlene and Lloyd Hovorka are managing this program.  The current collection period ends 12/31/21.  Thank you for your support.
Friendship Lake District Resolution #8112021

The Friendship Lake District will correct its prior position and practice of the Friendship Lake District Board of Commissioners regarding the assessment of the annual tax levy to comply with State of Wisconsin Chapter 33 Statutes. 

Specifically, until further revised, the process shall be the following:

The revenue for the operational needs of the Friendship Lake District (all needs other than capital investments) shall be divided by the Total Equalized Value of the District to establish a Mil rate.  

Revenue needed for capital investments can be collected either through a one-time Special Charge assessed to each property in the Friendship Lake District or may be financed with the annual amount for debt service to be divided by the Total Equalized Value of the Friendship Lake District to determine a Mil rate. 

Unless otherwise directed by the members of the Friendship Lake District, the Friendship Lake District Board of Commissioners directs that capital investments shall be paid for through borrowing over as many years as the commissioners deem reasonable in consultation with the district’s bank.

The Mil rate determined for operational needs shall be added to any Mil rate required for capital investments to determine the total Mil rate required by the Friendship Lake District. The total Mil rate shall be provided to the appropriate taxing authorities to be applied to the total property (land plus improvements) value owned by each member of the Friendship Lake District. 

In the event the membership directs a one-time Special Charge to pay for capital investments then that amount will be provided along with the required Mil rate to the appropriate taxing authorities. 

Quarterly Friendship Lake District Board Meeting Scheduled for November 10, 2021, 5:30pm, Village of Friendship Hall.